Are there any Gap discounts?

  1. Are there any Gap codes or coupons? If there are thanks in advance. I could really use one.:smile:
  2. HOL20 - $20 or 20% off min. purchase of $100 (can't remember which)
  3. HOLIDAY75 - 20% off purchase of $75 or more; thru december 7

    Must use gap, old navy, or banana republic card
  4. Is this just for Gap or banana republic also?
  5. gap, but use BANANAGIFT for 20% off at Banana Republic, now thru Dec. 24. must use gap, on, or br card.
  6. thanks!
  7. Gap's F&F is will be starting Nov 30th:

    Old Navy-Friends & Familyon line code good from Nov 27-Dec 3---20% off code F8JXXP9RGCNJ

    Banana Republic
    Friends & Family on line code- 30% off Dec 1-3 QLOV5931S3G5

    Friends & Family on line code-30% off Nov 30-Dec 3 D1L36GG596NL
  8. ^^^Are those codes 1 time use?
  9. I'm not sure.
  10. They usually are... Gap had a F & F 30 off sale about 2 weeks ago. Their having another?
  11. It's so weird, some of Gaps F&F codes are one time use and others can be used over and over.
  12. Well I just checked the Old Navy code and it is not good, so I guess these are one time use codes.
    It was worth a try, thank you for posting them anyway!!
  13. thanks!