Are there any fuschia or lichen denim baggy pm left in the stores?

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  1. I always thought the denim pieces were a bit overpriced but after seeing everyones beautiful bags, I feel like I just have to get one! My local boutique sold out of those bags a long time ago. I tried calling the 866 number and was told the PM size was all sold out.

    My question is.....Is there a possibility that a store somewhere might have it even if I was told that there was none? Have any of you had an experience where you were told that the bag you were looking for was sold out but later found one at a boutique somewhere? Maybe its just wishful thinking????
  2. ^ i wouldn't give up. i would keep on checking to see if anything comes up. or call some stores directly? you may need to resort to eBay or let-trade eventually though when it does run out.
  3. The last time I asked my SA, the Lichen was completely gone and she had gotten one of the last Fuchsia baggy's. I don't remember what size it was..probably the GM.
  4. It doesn't hurt to call your closest LV boutique to ask... I hope there's still one floating out there just for you! :flower:
  5. Aulii, when I called the Oahu stores the SA that answered the phone laughed and said that Hawaii sold out of fuschia a long time ago.

    Good luck trying to get one. I think I've given up on the fuschia neo speedy :sad:
  6. Thanks Nakolulu, LVbabydoll, John, rileygirl~

    I did check the LV here on Oahu and got the same response as rileygirl. They laughed at me and said that those bags were gone a loooong time ago. The Oahu stores are not linked to the mainland stores so we can only get stock info for the Hawaiian Islands.

    I know how elux seem to have things "pop up" out of the blue so I thought I might have a chance. I have a sister who lives in california so I was hoping to attain one on the mainland and have her bring it down for me.

    Anyone seen it pop up on elux recently or seen one at their boutique?
  7. I'd keep calling around... I saw a Linchen Neo Speedy today! BEAUTIFUL!
  8. aulii, did you call the maui boutiques? i know they tend to have things that were thought to be gone a long time ago.
  9. krmkjk - Thanks! I think I will definitely call some boutiques tomorrow.

    caley - I never thought about calling maui. I just assumed my SA checked all the stores in Hawaii. Did you happen to find something there that was already sold out? I might just have to call them too!
  10. hmm not that i can remember. though a couple weekends ago i saw the mc heart but that just recently got snatched up. i always get the feeling that the outer islands have all the goodies when you least expect it.

    plus when i called the ala moana store prior to my trip, i asked about the mc heart and they quickly told me it was sold out without trying to hunt for it. so you never know....
  11. good luck with your search
  12. i was just wonderfin that about the neo speedy in lichen..... i really like the color even if i don't like the denim!