Are there any funky colours available?

  1. I want a fresh and hip Chanel bag. In a turquoise or bright blue color. Any suggestions? Thanks!!:heart:
  2. The Cotton Club line comes in a Turquoise/Blue color. Here's a picture that someone posted of the Reporter. They also have the Pochette, Bowler, and Totes available.
    cotton club blue 2.jpg
  3. ^^^ Omg!!!!
  4. ^^^ OMG!!!! It is gorgeous! Do you know the retail on this? Thank you.
  5. Here's another picture from the Celebs thread:
  6. I bought the Light Silver version for $2795.
  7. My heart is skipping beats!
  8. Get it!! I saw one at the Neimans in San Francisco on Friday. :graucho: The Bowler and Totes are very cute too.
  9. ^^^My head is spinning!!:p
  10. I saw a navy blue patent re-issue that was awesome!
  11. Oh-also the perfo yellow or green flap! Hot!
  12. How about the French flag perforated flap???? It's actually really cute.

  13. i was at Neimans in san fran today and it was still there. the sa there was very nice, he's helping me track down the bag i want. he's going to call me in the morning to see if he got it. *fingers crossed*