Are there any extra 30% sales going on at Dillard's

  1. When will Dillard's have its next extra 30% off clearance sale?

    Last sale I went to at Dillard's, I was able to score 4 pairs of Coach shoes at about 50% off and I totally am waiting for another one.

    Has anyone seen any good deals at Dillard's for Coach?

  2. I just came from the mall & I saw some shoes on sale for 30% (I think-I know they were on sale b/c they had their own table) & I saw some bags marked down. Not a lot at mine, though.
  3. Hi. I was told by an SA that on New Years Day they will be having an extra 50% off any already clearanced item. Hope it's true as there are a few bags marked down 25% at my store right now.
  4. OMG are you serious? An extra 50%!!!! That is amazing. I hope they have a lot of Coach on sale, I am totally going there Tuesday morning now!

    Thanks for the tip!
  5. No prob! I sure hope it's true!
  6. My local Dillards has 4 cases of Coach marked down 25% off (bleecker, patent gallery items, hampton carryalls) so I hope that the 50% off clearance is true!
  7. Did you go socaltrojan?

    I made it there this morning and it was an absolute madhouse. :yes:
  8. Dillard's had their sale today! I went there twice, once in the morning and picked up some deals. When I went back at 4:30pm, everything was wiped out! I just found out about the sale this morning after reading the newspaper when I saw their huge ad. There are already people trying to sell their purchases on the Phoenix's Craiglist!
  9. I know! It was utter chaos when I went this morning. By the time I finished there and ran down to the other end of the mall and came back everything was gone!
  10. I was at Dillards today and they said some guy came and bought all of the Coach sale items. The sales case was entirely empty. I didn't even ask what the percentage off was.
  11. Yup I went thanks for the tip. It was pretty CRAZY! Did you get any Coach? I ended up not buying any.

    I hear it's twice a year. Does anyone know when the next one will be?
  12. I read this the day after the sale! I was so mad, lol. I have a $175 gift card and I never shop at the budget isn't allowing me to put the gift card towards the carly I want..50% off clerance would have been sweet!

    Let me know when the next sales are!
    : )