Are there any eBay sellers you would recommend?

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  1. I'm new to Balenciaga and starting to get the bug, particularly browsing this board! I really like the colors and the soft leather (which is why I like Bottega Veneta otherwise). I've been poking around in the Authenticate this thread and the Atelier Naff site for a while now, so I know there are loads of fakes on eBay. But, I hate going to the mall especially since I have one of the lamer Neiman Marcus's I've seen, and no Saks, and I love shopping on eBay, since I can do it in my pyjamas at 11 PM.

    If I'm buying anything pricey on eBay, I base my decision heavily on the seller's feedback for high-end items, especially sellers I've worked with in the past. Are there any sellers that consistently have authentic bbags? I tried my poupette recommended sellers, but they're very LV focused, not a lot of bbags. Anyone you'd recommend? Any members here who sell bags? Thank you so much for any recommendations (though I don't know that I should be feeding another bag addiction)!!
  2. bertiebluebird ROCKS!! I bought my dolma Work from her. She always seems to have rare colors from past seasons.

    hgbags also sells authentic B-bags. Hers are usually brand-new bags from the current or last season.
  3. hgbags , they are always authentic.
  4. tedstar2001

    Both my faves - they are amazing
  5. You can probably find a lot of info in the Balenciaga section of this board. Welcome!
  6. no one is allowed to self promote, please READ OUR RULES BEFORE POSTING HERE AGAIN.
  7. Suzi

    YOu are not allowed to promote your own ebay listings - sorry
  8. SO sorry .. cna i delete my own post .. mannn what a newbie i am SO sorry
  9. hgbags!! the best ever!!
    and also elizabeth*thomas
  10. authentic_lvlady and lvlady99 both sell authentic bags.
  11. These e bay sellers have authentic Balenciagas.

    dgjeans (although this seller marks their bags up WAY over retail)
    eboutique (they mark their stuff up a lot too)
  12. :yahoo: Welcome and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Most of us sell our bags on ebay and they are authentic. I don't think it is a good idea to start posting names of PFers who just sell their bags as most of us do but we are not in the business of reselling and do not belong on this list. That is, I believe this list should be limited to people like lvlady99, hgbags, etc... Otherwise, all this will lead to is people posting their ebay ids or those of their friends and this list and thread will get out of hand. JMHO.
  14. Just want to add, I only know a handful of people on the list I made. Most I do NOT know, but I know that they DO sell authentic bags. I don't even know if they are here on tPF:shrugs:, so no one take my list personally (or in any other way) Those names are just as I wrote ...sellers that I KNOW sell authentic stuff.

    That doesn't mean they are the ONLY people that sell authentic others have also listed additional sellers:yes:

    Also, just b/c you are not a "reseller" doesn't mean IMO that you can't be on a "list". I also still don't understand why we can't post our e bay IDs here:confused1:. I'm not a reseller, but I DO have in my About Me page on e bay that I am a member here, as well as other places I am a member. I feel as a buyer, it shows sellers whose auctions I bid on that I am educated abut fakes and I do my research ! AND that I am very anti counterfit !!!!:yes:
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