Are there any EB days (classic hardware) anywhere?

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  1. I've taken a break from Bal for awhile but the EB color has me ready to jump back in!

    I've called Bal NY, Bal LA, numerous Barneys and NM stores, but have been unable to locate an electric blue day bag with classic hardware. Aloha Rag does have one in stock but based on the SA's description (white veins/marbling) I don't think I would like it.

    If anyone has leads (maybe at smaller boutiques) could you please post here or PM me? TIA.
  2. I know where is one. I saw one Neiman Marcus Troy, MI.
    I was there two days ago and they had a Electric Blue Day with regular hardware.
    I was going to buy it but got the Turq City instead.

    Call and ask for Lisa or Annie (her assistant) and tell Tracy referred you. And they will know what you are talking about. Other SA there are a little clueless about BBag and they are not very friendly either. Now you can do the buy2 get $400 off so you can pick another bag or a wallet and she will give you the $400 off:yahoo:.
  3. Thanks for the lead but the bag is gone.:sad:

    That's good to know that you can get the $400 off buying a bag and a wallet (not just 2 bags).
  4. I am sorry. But if there is any other in NM, she will locate for you.
    She is really good. Try to ask her to locate one for you. Good Luck!!
  5. Lisa is looking for me, she seems really great.

    It turns out they have a 07 french blue day bag! FB is too bright for me (I think it's more "electric" than EB) but I'll bet someone would love it.
  6. Maybe i mistaken the french blue for electric blue. I am very sorry about it!
    But if there is one EB day left in NM, she will find it for you! =)
    GOOD LUCK!!! SOrry again for the misinformation!
  7. Try Aloha Rag, I think they have EB Regular hardware Day. Good luck :smile:
  8. Yes, they do have 1 in stock. As I mentioned above, I don' think that I would like the leather / color on this particular bag.