Are there any David Yurman fans here?

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  1. I love David Yurman, I would like to own a lot of his pieces. Currently I only have a bracelet, I looking into buying the medium hoop earrings.

    Do you guys love his stuff too and if so what pieces do you own.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. My stepmom loves David Yurman. She has a few pieces, but I'm not sure which ones. A David Yurman store just opened up here at one of the malls in Orlando. I haven't been in there yet :biggrin:
  3. i don't own anything david yurman yet but i love his rings.....
  4. I love David Yurman. I find that I grab for his pieces daily. I have the same buckle bracelet, a pearl tip bracelet, and an acorn necklace. I like the "smaller" pieces in his collection because I think the larger the piece, the more overwhelming it is on me. I could never wear the earrings because I have small earlobes (although i thought about getting the ones in the children's collection). I would like to add another piece soon, but I am thinking about what I would like.
  5. i have the earrings and bracelet you them, but they are a bit heavy for some, me personally i love big earrings.

    i have also two other bracelets and a necklace, but i don't wear it. i've been looking at the cable kids collection for something for my daughter.
  6. I love David Yurman. So far, I have a necklace and earrings...waiting for the ring.:love:
  7. I have the large link necklace
  8. I LOVE David Yurman! I have three rings, three bracelets and one pair of earrings! I started buying his pieces three years ago and I try to treat myself to a new piece every six months. My money goes fast - between handbags and DY! :wacko:
  9. i have a pair of drop pearl earings and a necklace that i got for my wedding. i love them! beautiful, classic stuff. :smile:
  10. From a different point of view - I particularly don't like his jewelry, I find it clunky and pretentious.
  11. If you like David Yurman, take a look at Lagos as well. There's a lot of similarities in the designs--i.e., textural silver with stones.
  12. I like the look on other people, just not on me.
  13. hehe! I like that it's clunky! I love David Yurman when pearls or gemstones are incorporated, not so much a fan of just the sterling silver stuff. I wonder why you think it's pretentious, SuzyZ? I *totally* respect your opinion the matter, I'm honestly just curious I never thought of it that way.
  14. I sold some products to Mrs.Yurman once.
    She sure showered herself with a buch of Yurman jewelry.
    I almost can't remember her face...coz those jewelry she had on
    make me dizzy.

    I almost work with the company once. But they pay horrible.
    I can effort only silver jewelry from them. More likely I rather save money for handbag over jewelry.
  15. I just started getting into his jewelry. I have this bracelet.

    My husband bought me this ring with an amethyst stone but they made the ring with the wrong stone. Apparently they do not size these rings. You have to order the size you want with the stone you want and the ring gets made to order. Well, it took over 6 weeks for the ring to come in (I bought it at Baileys, Banks & Biddle) and when the SA opened the package there was a lilac stone instead of amethyst. Now I have to wait another 6 to 8 weeks. I'm so upset.

    I'm hoping to get this neckace or the earings to match my ring for our anniversary in August.