Are there any coach bags on sale in macy's?

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  1. I am pretty sure there are some coach bags on sale in Macys. I live in New York city, what kinda styles are on sale? I think the denim patchwork and some of the denim are on sale. There was this one time when the coach scarf ergo bag was on sale. What coach styles are on sale?
  2. sorry wrong thread!
  3. I saw the large ergo/hobo Patchwork in brown/gold (like my jean one below). The jean Carly was also on sale. That was in MI. Didn't really see any other sale items, but they had a BUNCH of Bleecker items.
  4. I saw the denim patchwork from earlier in the year and the tan equivalent on sale at Macys for 40% off yesterday (top handle pouches mostly) - they also had a black patent ergo hobo on sale that I had to drag myself away from.
  5. I saw that the summer purses were 40% off at Macy's on Monday. They had mine (Ergo scarf), and the Carly.
  6. Does anyone know if the Macy's Friends and Family discount can be applied to the Coach sale items? thanks in advance!
  7. Yes! F&F can be used for coach
  8. i got a large sig ergo for 258$ retail 438 at macys discount section. i also saw a older white large carry all for 250 as well and some in denim
  9. Oh is the Macy's F&F event coming up again soon?
  10. Is there any way to search online to find out which macy's carry coach?
  11. I was in my macy's today - no coach sales :sad:
  12. I was told by an employee that is going to be on November 29-November 30. I am not positive on that though. She was looking at it handwritten in on her calander that she keeps behind the COACH counter. :confused1:
  13. There were a ton of denim and leather saddle bag style Coach bags on major sale at my Macy's at South Coast Plaza yesterday. They were bigger bags that didn't really catch my eye..
  14. Macys F&F starts on Nov 28. You can presale today and pick up after 11/28.
  15. The Macy's F&F (20% off) sale is from Nov. 28-Dec. 3 and yes, Coach (in store, not online) is included! :yes: