Are there any classic Gucci totes anymore?

  1. I've looked on the gucci site, NM, Saks, and can't find any classic gucci totes anymore! All I see is the colorful and different designed ones. I am looking for a beige/white monogram gucci tote, if anyone could help me spot one online, that would be awesome!
  2. has alot of the monogram totes! this is my favorite style too im nummed there isnt any on gucci. com. good luck :smile:
  3. You should check out the Gucci boutiques. They have tons of classic totes to choose from.
  4. is that site authetic???

    They sell authentic designer bags, I have ordered 2 Guccis and 1 Dior from them. Lots of classic models available btw.
  6. Here is a copy of the bag that I purchased and I definetly think that it is a classic.
    Picture 095.jpg
  7. Check EBAY! I just won a 2006 monogram tote from the cruise collection. Its white leather with tan monogram. I'm so happy :smile: Does anyone know how much this bag (medium) retailed for? :yes:
  8. I found these on Gucci's website ......

    These I found on NM's website .....
    This one I found on Bergdorf's website ...
    These were on Saks' website ....
  9. There are plenty of classic totes at Gucci's Boutique. I think Saks and Neimans specializes in more of the twists to the classic totes.