Are there any CL slingbacks that are WHITE with a GOLD heel (or something similar)?

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  1. I saw a pair of architeks on here like that, but I doubt I can find them anymore. Is there a no prive at all like that? I like the black jazz/burgundy heel combo they have now but I would love white/gold slingbacks for spring/summer coming up...
  2. The Privatita came in a white patent/gold combo, but I'm not sure if it's available anymore either.
  3. i have seen the nude/gold architeks on ebay.
  4. ^^ I wanted white/gold or white/silver or something of the sort, but thanks anyway (:
  5. oh wait, i just saw a picture of the white/gold at cocopari

    hold on, getting the phone number
  6. actually there's no need. just go to and fill out the contact page about the shoes. i think the product number is 10. they are right in the CL section.
  7. The only combo I know is the white/gold Architeks. I remember the Las Vegas boutique carrying them early last year, you can try them and see if they have a hidden pair.
  8. ^^ thanks so much!
  9. caterpillar let me know if they are available at cocopari! i hope so!