Are there any blueberry mini-bowling left in stores?

  1. Neither Aloha Rag nor Bal NY has the mini-b in blueberry and Barney's never carried this color. I also have checked with Susan's and they don't have it either. I'm guessing my best bet might be a NM or small boutique and have started to make some calls.

    Please let me know if you've seen one. Thanks!
  2. has mini-bowling in Bleu-Roi at a great price.
    Although my personal experience with them was not good. I believe some members in this forum had got
    good deals over there. You should study the pros and cons if you do decicide to order from them.
  3. Thanks kiki! How recently did you see it there (because I don't see it now)?
  4. Last time I looked at their site they had their bowling and mini bowlings listed in the same section. You have to be careful reading the descriptions or you'll miss seeing the words mini bowling under the pic of the bag.
  5. Thanks, I see it now. I'll have to investigate diabro a little more.
  6. I just got this exact bag from Diabro. They are fine as long as you pay via paypal. If you pay by credit card, they ask for some personal information (driver's license, bank statements) that most Americans are hesitant to give out. I have ordered from them multiple times and always have gotten great service and fast shipping.

    My bag arrived today and it is GORGEOUS. The pictures really do not do it justice. I am toying with the idea of getting the regular bowler in the same color too! Aaah!!!
  7. Thanks so much, it's extremely helpful to know that you had a good experience. I had heard something about them asking for personal info. so would definitely use paypal.

    Did you have to pay customs fees, taxes, etc.?

    And please post pics. of your bag if you get a chance!
  8. I did not pay customs fees. But I asked them to declare a lower value on the bag. As far as taxes, I did not notice any, but someone on one of the other Diabro threads did say something about being taxed.

    Pics will be up in a few minute! :yahoo:
  9. Here we go:






    I am sorry these are so blurry. I can't figure out how to make these come out well! Suffice it to say that this bag is GORGEOUS....but it just doesn't come across! Something to look forward to, citychris!
  10. OMG! Its absolutely breathtaking. I hate to admit it, but after reading this thread, I went ahead and bought one. A few months ago, I tried calling every store I could trying to find a blueberry mini bowling, but noone had any (plenty of grenat ones, though). I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that diabro had them, and had them at a discount as well. I only wish I had the money for the sapin one as well.

    Anyway, thanks a million because in helping one tpfer out, you actually helped two!
  11. Circoit, congrat on your puchase. :yes: The price is
    really great. I am so glad you get a good deal on
    an item you want.
  12. I have you to thank for it! I've been watching eBay like a hawk, and now I don't need to. You've found one of my dream bags for me!
  13. circoit, congrats! I'm glad that my pics helped "enable" you! Looks like you got the last one, too. You will love it! And as I said, my experience with Diabro has been great.

    Post pics when you get yours! :yes:
  14. luvmygirls - Thanks so much for the photos! Your bag is gorgeous and looks great on you. I did order the bag -- thanks again for the tip.

    circoit - I'm glad to hear you got one as well!
  15. I received my bag and I love it! The shipping was quick -- I ordered from on Tuesday evening and received it Saturday. I had just gone to the post office to send my blueberry purse to a new home and less than half hour after I returned, the mini-b was delivered. So I didn't have to go a day without my favorite Bal color.

    Here's some pics.
    blueberrymini1front.JPG blueberrymini2back.JPG blueberrymini3wear.JPG