Are there any bags you regret NOT buying?

  1. Not seen any for a while Tara....another for the list! :smile:
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  3. All this people with 'forbidden' loves! On a trip to tunbridge wells today I may have visited both fenwicks and hoopers and spent A LONG time oogling Mulberry. It's confirmed for me that I truely love the bayswater satchel and hope to find it in a durable 'different' leather. It just looks so bloomin good on me! Haha!
  4. I'd have quite liked the khaki silky snake bays. I really didn't think too much of it originally, but I saw one being carried at the weekend and it looked fabulous!

    The other one would be a red medium goatskin Mabel, or a medium ocean or denim one. The mini versions come up quite often, but not the mediums.
  5. Emerald goatskin roxy......
  6. Thanks Moo! :smile: I really appreciate the links.. pheasant green is gorgeous! I do really want an oak one though, will check out the listing with the library pic and see if I can get some decent photos of the actual bag off the seller...

  7. Oooooh I'd love any bag in eggplant and a blueberry Antony .... Had it..sold it now regret it very much :sad:. :tdown:
    Purple is my fave colour:loveeyes:
  8. Eggplant bays should be appearing in the outlets some time in Setember or October. Blueberry Ants have come up on fleabay, but you usually have to be very quick.....:smile:
  9. For me it would be a red pebbled leather bays with silver furnishings and emerald goatskin bays.............. Oh look! Another flock of flying pigs has just passed by :nuts::giggles::shucks:
  10. There's a khaki snake print Bays on luisaviaroma just now, not sure if it's the same one?
  11. Hello Mooshooshoo - I was wondering how you worked out when styles would appear in the outlets ? Does the month of the drop in the outlets correspond with the drop of the original bag in the season when new albeit 12 months later? Accordingly, in your view, does this mean there may be a few other residual eggplant pieces likely to appear in the autumn ?
  12. Amazingly I have found an eggplant buckle bag on ! I think this is dutch site although the bag/seller seems to be in London. Asking price is 1124 Euro [ approx 885 sterling] I don't know this site so have no idea if offers are possible . Unfortunately above the current balance on my bag fund so have to take a pass.
  13. Hi Raindance,

    Yes it's usually around long as an item doesn't completely sell out, it will usually turn up in the outlets...occasionally there's a surprise cluster of goodies that pop up, but these tend to be sold virtually as they are put on the shelves - I post things as quickly as I can to give those of us who don't live near outlets a chance....there will be eggplant bays...I don't know about other styles in the eggplant. :smile:
  14. Designer vintage is open to all, so your seller may well be in the UK. You can add a link to the listing to the authentication thread here and the ladies will willingly look at the bag. You can contact the seller and make an offer, price is around original RRP, but these are particularly hard to come by so am not surprised....:smile:
  15. I can hardly blieve the eggplant bays didn't sell out. This is seriously bad news as I live close to York. Having just got the bf bays and not yet used it and having got one of the last black roxy's in store for xmas I was hoping to be safe for the rest of the year but eggplant is so beautiful. Do you have any idea what the price might be moo, I can't remember the retail price last year? Also, which other bags were made in this colour (just wondering if there might be something cheaper than a bays)? Thank you