Are there any bags you regret NOT buying?

  1. I think we need to rename this thread the challenge Moo thread - hopefully some very happy TPFers might get hold of those bags they're lusting after :biggrin:

  2. :lol::giggles:

    i hope so too Sammiantha.....
  3. Thanks for that, maybe one day I'll find one x
  4. I'll keep a look out for one and let you know if one turns up....:smile:
  5. I agree, Sammiantha! :biggrin: Moo - you're good at this! :biggrin:

    I regret not getting an Eggplant Lily - I only started looking at Mulberrys properly at the beginning of this year. One popped up on eBay but then I ended up buying my Cookie collection, which I really don't regret but another eggplant has not turned up since!
  6. Oh Cupcake! Caught me out......

    I can find only foggy with gunmetal trompe l'oeil buckle chain.....

    Grass goatskin....

    And deer brown
  7. Thanks for looking Moo, you are so sweet :hugs:

    I search every day for one and bug Becky at Bicester all the time. Moo, if you happen to come across one at your regular haunts, please please do let me know! Thank you!! :kiss:
  8. I'll add it to my search list and let you know as soon as I find one.....:smile:
  9. You're an absolute star, thank you Moo! x

  10. :ghi5:
  11. :giggles: I know what you mean.....there are lots I could have bought if someone else would have paid....hope you get one :smile: