Are there any bags that you own more than one of?

  1. I'm on the Fendi forum a lot cos I'm in LOVE with the Spy bag. Anywho, a lot of girls have multiple Spies! Seems only a few have only one Spy, like the Spy is the Lays potato chip of handbags or something. I think that's great, but I was just curious... Any other TPFers who love a particular bag so much that they buy more than one of 'em? And why? Like, do you have two of the same color and keep one as a back up or do you have more than one cos you fell in love with several of the colors/designs that the bag comes in, etc.?

  2. I do this quite a bit...I have two of the same Bottega bags in different colors, two Balenciaga city bags in different colors and will possibly end up with two Chanel Coco Cabas bags if I can't bear to part with one. If I find a style I love I don't hesitate to get another in a different color!
  3. i do have several balenciaga in different colors... but i'm not "that" rich until i can purchase the same style and same color just to keep one as back up :P
    i buy multiple balenciaga because i like the style sooo much, and they have the loveliest range of colours :yes:
  4. Until a few months ago, I had two Luella Gisele bags but I have since sold them both. Not sure why I ended up with two really as I never particularly liked the model:shame: I remember a very smart friend seeing the first one and she was so 'wow' in her response, that I pathetically bought a second one to match a specific outfit for her wedding. That sounds so idiotic writing it down - what was I thinking?!:confused1:

    Anyway, sold both Giseles a while ago, although not to the same person nor to my very smart friend!

    Would I ever want more than one of a bag? Oh yes, bring on those Hermes Birkins in my fantasy millionaire existence, meanwhile I'll just day dream about owning even one. Heck, even part-owning one! Actually, do you think anyone did decide to make a joint purchase of a Birkin with bag-loving friends? It could work . . .
  5. I have two Balenciaga First bags - love them for the leather and the shape - planning to buy more, one day!
  6. I have two LV Speedy 25s, 1 in Damier and 1 Cerises. They are completely different bags, even though they are the same!

    I also have two Balenicaga City bags. The style and shape is extremely practical for me, and the leather is wonderful - but again, the colors are completely different. And yeah, they definitely have the potato chip factor too.
  7. I have two LV Speedies - mono 30 and epi 25.
  8. I have 2 Speedies and some Coach and kate spade bags on the same style but in different colors or same print but different styles.
  9. I have 2 Gucci Blondies. White and Brown. I would loooove to have one in black someday!
  10. At one point I had eight LV speedies, six LV noes, four spies and a couple of other multiples. I guess if you love the style of the bag and use it often, might as well own as many of those as you can!!!:graucho: I have since sold many of my bags but did keep one of each.
  11. I have 4 spies! and 2 Celine Boogie bags.
  12. Yup. I had two Balenciaga day/hobos, one in caramel and one in sky blue (the sky blue I just sold a week ago). I also used to have the LV denim neo speedy in blue and green, and I also sold the blue one about a month ago!
    I also have more than one epi speedy (fawn and toledo blue).
    I have more than one Fendi baguette (I used to be really into them!)...Mmm, thats all I can think of at the moment.

    I really dont mind getting more than one colour of a bag I really like and use alot- if I can afford it! I would love to have a spy- let alone a few! lol
  13. There are so many styles I like out there that I can never justify buying the same design twice...I see why people do it though.
  14. I have two Paddingtons and two Bottega Venetas. I'd love to have two of everything, but could never afford it.
  15. I have 3 balenciaga's (cornflower Twiggy, metallic silver first and black first) and looking to add a day and work bag to the family!