Are there any 50 yrs+ actors out there that still look pretty good?

  1. My co-worker and I are having a discussion that there must be some good looking 50 yrs+ actors out there. But we can't think of anyone beside Pierce Brosnan and Richard Gere.

    This discussion came about after she stated that once men hit 50, they start looking rough. Hmm....maybe true?
  2. Kurt Russell looks good IMO. . .
  3. Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, Harrison Ford are just a few.

    I still think Robert Deniro is pretty sexy as well as Al Pacino ~
  4. It depends if you mean good or young - Kim Cattrall is turning 50, Susan Sarandon, Goldie Hawn,Raquel Welsch, Paul Mc Cartney, Queen Latifah, Steve Martin, the list goes on and on - I think they all look good, not young necessarily but good - No one can look young forever. If you only mean sexy men - well that's a personal point of view. I think Anthony Hopkins is sexy and he's quite up there. Of course I'm not 35 anymore either.
  5. One of my fave actors turned 50 in March - he's gorgeous. Tim Daly (why did they cancel "Eyes"? :sad:)
    Tim Daly eyes.jpg
  6. andy garcia (yum)
  7. Oooh, Sean Connery!?
    Isn't he looking a little haggard lately?
    He used to be beautiful, but now. . . .{?}
  8. :graucho: Michael Douglas looked pretty good until that hideous last facelift. Isn't he 60+? Cary Grant looked good well into his 70's, James Mason, James Garner...there are too many to list :love:
  9. This pic is from 2 years ago....he is well over 50 but still looks good IMO.

    At least my grandma thinks he's a hottie :P

    ***sorry, can't get the image to load.
  10. He's 50? Wow! I loved Wings!
  11. Tom Selleck!!!
  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    My pics are Clint,Sam and Sid. :heart:
  13. According to, Queen Latifah is only 36. A beautiful 36 she is! But all those other women you listed definitely are timeless beauties.
  14. bruce willis, richard gere, sean connery, harrison ford, robert redford, paul neuman, tom selleck, the president on the west wing (can't remember his name!)...they all still look very good to me. :smile:
  15. exactly who i was going to post! i haven't seen him since he was last on Friends, but DAMN he still looked good! :noggin: