Are there also men who wear B-Bags????and also on this blog

  1. Sometimes I think iàm the only man here on the blog. But i don`t care.
    I learn so much about al the bags.
    I have a black City, black Weekender, black Clutch, truffel Messenger,cognac suede saddlebag. The last one is not so easy to carry/use.
    Last week a friend of mine also became a member of this blog. also from holland.
    He also totaly addicted to al the nice NicolasBags.

    byby FX van Leeuwen
  2. Your bags sound really nice. I'd love to see pics of them. What year is your cognac suede from? I know there are other men on here... One posted some pics of himself and his bbags.
  3. I would so love to see pictures of your bags!!!!!! I'm glad you're here~ nice to hear your point of views!!!!!!!!!
  4. Welcome! :flowers:
  5. welcome....
    i want to see your bags too..............
  6. welcome!!!
    and pleaseee post pics wearing your b bags...
    i have one guy friend with b bag.
    and my bf was totally considering getting one, but he still not sure which style he wanted :P
  7. nothing is hotter than a guy ..... with a balenciaga bag fetish.

    I'd be careful of girls if I were you. They might want you for your yummy bags.:drool:

  8. Hi Pewter my cognac suede is from 2006 collection from aloha rags. I on sales now, they delivered the bag in a week to holland/europe. But later i had a bill from the dutch taxes. But it was stil a good bargain. 500 euro.

    I wil try to make pics this weekend ok.

    Thanx for your reply
    FX van Leeuwen:wlae:

  9. If i was your i would take the extra large courier, I realy love that bag, last time i was in belgium i tried in and it was so nice and so big. Bigger than the weekend. Thats also very lovely for a man. I hve a very bad foonpic of that. I wil put in on here.
    Next time i take more colour.

    byby FX van Leeuwen:love:
  10. ooohhh... is that black courier or weekender?
    that's gorgeous!!! looks good on you too :P

  11. It`s the weekender next week more pics

    byby FX van Leeuwen:yahoo:
  12. Oh that suede bag. I love that bag. That was a great deal from Aloha rag. I wish I would have gotten it in black when they had them. Thanks for the pics. That black bag looks great. :yes:
  13. you have a great collection there! Would love to see one pic of the whole collection as one. And welcome!
  14. nice bags!!!!!!! I love it!
  15. I love seeing men carry bbags! It's a totally unisex line for the most part!

    and there are a few other male members! welcome to the addiction!