are there 2 victoria bags?

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  1. what exactly are they? got a call about a "victoria" but I had no idea what it was.
  2. There are several types of Victorias. They are all boxy and have similar handles. There's the fourre tout, the vertical model, the travel version, a horizontal version like the fourre tout but with shorter handles. It's basically a line of bags.
  3. I think the most popular handbags (not inc travel-sized bags) would be Victoria Fourre Tout which is what Pazt and Orchids have, and the Victoria II (vertical version), I think that's what it's called, which My Peko has.

    Lemme dig out a pic I saved somewhere. Oh darn, the attachment function isn't working for me...
  4. Ahh, now it works.

    Victoria II, pic courtesy of Jag's SA, I think...
    Victoria II PM in gold clemence.JPG

    Victoria Fourre Tout, pic courtesy of Mrssparkles
    Victoria FT bags in potiron and white clemence.jpg
  5. Hmmm, HG...can you tell me more about that horizontal version like the FT but with shorter handles? Because I am now wondering if THAT was the one I tried on, which had really short handles that just plain would not fit on my shoulder?
  6. All the Victorias have one thing in common. The *base* of the handle is always sewn onto the main body of the bag, and it always has the diamond shape.

    Oh, that picture of the 2 Victoria FTs was taken by tricia and posted by her. That was when my store first received their shipment of FTs. I hear they have sold very well, because it's such a practical, carry-all bag.
  7. OK, so my question about that pic with the two VFTs is: are they the same bag, in a different size? Like, 30cm and 35? Secondly, are the handles the same length on both bags? Hard to see in the pic.
    This is driving me to distraction because I really, really want one of these bags, but either my arms are way too fat for the straps to fit on my shoulder properly (totally possible, as I am a little chunkster), OR there are actually two slightly different bags that are very similar.
    Auugh! Help please! LOL (I apologize for hijacking this thread, but at least it's related to the original post)
  8. i have been using my victoria for two weeks and couldn't be happier. it is very easy to use-excellent visibility, not too heavy and good handle length. this is my first hermes bag and i can't take my eyes off her.
    the only thing that causes me concern is that the lining a light color so i worry about it getting dirty.
    victoria, dogon,elephant resized.jpg
  9. Both bags are Victoria FTs and yes, the same size i.e. 35cm, Cynthia. It's probably just the colours, lighting and position of the bags that make you think otherwise. And yes, same handle drop as well.

    There is a larger one, the travel size. But looks identical to it. I know one of my friends' DH has it. I'll persuade him/her to take a picture and post it next to a 30cm birkin for size.
  10. Oops, sorry! Thanks for pointing it out, mrsS! I should really take more note when I save these things to my pc. I think it was in a thead you started and that stuck in my head.:shame: Anyway, I can't edit it as it's passed the time limit. But Tricia, thankyou for posting the pic originally!
  12. Ah OK thanks MrsS. It was hard to tell in the photo, and I bet the different leather colors made them look different sizes too.

    I have seen the big huge travel-type ones, in the pic that Serenity Now just posted. They're quite heavy, actually.
  13. LOL! I do the same thing too! Now that you mentioned it, yes, there are THREE sizes of the Victoria FT.

    35cm, ?? and then 50cm. I can't remember what is the mid size.

  14. What do we think of the Victoria II-----------? That or a big trim. I need PRACTICAL.
  15. Hermesaholic, I think it's gorgeous, under the radar, incredibly practical as a work type bag, and if I had a "real" job, I would snap one up in a heartbeat! :tup: