Are there 2 types of cambon flats?

  1. One type having a more rigid structure and rigid heel, and the other have a softer structure and more ballet shoe like?




  2. Yes, I have the one with the bit of a heel. It looked better on my size 40 feet than the totally flat ones. They're not as rigid as they look in the picture.

    Mine are exactly the same as the black pair in your picture... same heel and pink circle thingy on the sole. :yes:
  3. Yes, I have the first one with the heel in choco brown, they looked better on my feet than the completely flat ones which made my walk look like a waddle.
  4. Are both of these still in production?
  5. I don't believe they make cambon flats anymore.
  6. I've heard a few girls on the board say they've just recently gotten some, but I haven't seen them. If you're going to buy used, just don't get the ones with the red soles--they're fake.
  7. ^ Yea, it should only have the pink up top where Chanel is spelled out. Definitely not red though.
  8. Wow the ones in the first picture are really cute. They seem a lot more practical. How much are they, does anyone know?
  9. they're not in production anymore but still available at some stores
  10. yes both exist; the pair without the heel were the original flats; the one with the heel came out more recently; I had an SA at Nordstrom that found a pair this summer; the one with the heel I found to fit was a slightly larger fit than the original one in the same size
  11. One of the problems with Chanel is that they discontinue some very cute styles or make them impossible to find if you have a common size.

    I did see the black ones in Bloomingdales NY but wanted the brown ones....
    I think that are about $550+
  12. Actually, they were originally brought out at the exact same time. I bought mine 2 summers ago and had a choice between the heel or the other really flat one.

    The only thing was, at the time, the heeled flats only came in black, whereas the flat ones came in 2 or 3 colours.

    They fit ridiculously small, by the way.

    I posted this picture last year and they were already well-worn from the summer before:
  13. All this talk of Cambon flats is making me want a pair. Now I know what I want for Christmas :p
  14. I really, really wanted the black ones for a long time, then I got them a couple of years ago and now I feel like they're too wide and don't flatter the leg... They do run 0.5 to 1 size small but they stretch on the sides.