Are their guidlines regarding "borrowing" members pictrures posted on TPF?

  1. This past week another TPFer alerted me that a picture of one of my bags and accessories was being used in someone's eBay listings. My image was not watermarked and in the person's listing she did say that the pictures were "borrowed." I emailed the person asking her to remove my pictures and she emailed me back asking to b able to keep the listing active. I emailed her back stating eBay's policy regarding posting of others' images and she emailed me back saying that she was A TPFer and that's how she got the pictures. I was never asked to use my pictures.

    From now on I won't be posting pictures unless I water-mark them but I want to know if there are any guidelines/rules regarding this.

  2. we have the same rules that apply to stealing anyone's photos from the internet.
    There's numerous threads here about how EVERYONE needs to watermark their photos or they'll risk them being stolen.
    Mine were even stolen WITH my watermark!
  3. :ban::death::whistle:
  4. We always ask that no one steals pics of someone else, but honestly, on the web this is nearly impossible to enforce. This is why you should always watermark. Even though you may need to slab the watermark in the middle of a beautiful picture, then if someone takes it they can never rid the watermark.

    Sorry this happened. I would still advise talking to the person who took your picture to have them take it down.
  5. That's crazy, Amanda! :wtf:

    I notified Jill last week when I saw her picture on eBay. Look at the last picture of this auction, the seller used a modeling pic of Jill from our reference librabry:

    And again:
  6. people have some nerve don't they!?
  7. Thanks,

    I've notified the seller of Ebay Policies as well as TPF policies. I am just going to chalk up this whole expereince as a lesson learned on my part. I just find it weird that the seller would "out" themselves as TPF member on her own accord and say she didn't think anything was wrong. I guess I would've felt better if this person just asked through PM before taking a pic and posting. I think she used other members' pix too.
  8. sorry to hear that rileygirl. that's why i don't post any pics here :sad: but then it doesn't make me a good contributor to this forum.
    hope the seller does the right thing by taking down your pic.
  9. rileygirl, so sorry to hear you had your pictures taken!:flowers:

    I have noticed one of my (unwatermarked) bag pictures popping up all over eBay on awful fake listings. From the bag showcase too, so peaople have actually joined up, then taken the pictures.:cursing:

    Stealing peoples pictures really grates me - especially as eBay can't do much about it because the pics are from what they call a 'third party':rolleyes: I have tried...but it's like banging your head against the proverbial brick wall.

    I contacted a seller who'd taken my picture just this week and she insisted she had the picture on her camera and point blank refused to take it off her auction and gave me a load of attitude. Saying she had the same bag, same kitchen, cooker, tiles, etc etc.Ahem.:mad::cursing:

    Watermarking is the way forward - even then, that's not totally foolproof, as Swanky says^!:push:
  10. Thanks for the empathy chicky and I am glad I am not alone in this.
  11. That is shocking, sorry it happened to you.
    I just cannot believe that someone had the cheek to put a pic of Jill on their auction on ebay! People really have some nerve!
  12. I can't bebeive they even put Jill's modeling pics in the listing.:tdown: that's awful.

    How could they use our resource to pretend their bags are real..
    Such a shame.
  13. why don't you report that listing as someone using your pictures??:yes:
  14. I had all my friends report the person that used my pic...It was really upsetting to me!
  15. I did, but like some have said they won't do anything since TOF is a third party. I just want it all to go away. I hate drama.