Are their any WHITE color LV Bags?

  1. Ive looked at some but they look Ivory creamy colors is their an actual white?
  2. vernis comes in perle which is a shimmery white. its really pretty and icey looking.
  3. iVORY IN THE EPI MONTAIGNE PM/GM is really winter white-no yellow in it. I love b/c you can use all year around, especially in south(where I am at)
    Its a beautiful color, very neutral, and durable.
  4. I agree, ivory in epi is white but not gleaming-get-dirty-easily white.
  5. epi ivory looks pretty white to me.
  6. The suhali comes in white, the perle is a light grey and as mentioned the epi ivory is a off white
  7. the Vernis Perle is a very pretty white, and the Suhali white is a teeny bit off-white, but it makes the leather look so plush
  8. and there's always the white multicolor products
  9. There is also a white Onatah that is currently available.