Are the Whiskey Legacy shoulder bags in Outlets?

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  1. Are the whiskey legacy shoulder bags in anyones outlets and how much if they are? I keep calling mine and they don't have any. I'd like a store that could do the charge/send for me if possible. I was outbid on eBay tonight :sad:. Hubby told me I could spend up to $250 with the shipping and I bid $238 plus $12 and was outbid by $3.
  2. Hi, they aren't at my outlets in Las Vegas, at least the two I frequent. I just wanted to see one and I didn't get to. Keep hunting, that is a lovely purse.
  3. They did have them at the Vegas outlets a month or two ago. Not sure if the legacy is at the outlets much anymore.. I think they sold out pretty quickly. They were priced really well too. I hope you can find one! :tup:
  4. thanks but someone bought it already
  5. guess someone read your post before I did
  6. I think the outlet in Roundrock has some. At least they did when I called the other day.
  7. The 2006 Legacy shoulder bags were at outlet a while ago and there were rumors of the 2007 going to outlet, but I haven't seen them at mine yet. They have had a few in, but they were returns and were marked down to $399 with an additional 20% off of that. But that still leaves them over $300. I imagine that when 2007 Legacy hits outlet there will be bulletins all over this board!
  8. sorry...
  9. oh yeah.. I just assumed you were talking about the 06.. are you talking about 07? :shrugs:
  10. yes the one with just one pocket on the front.
  11. gotcha' :okay: Yeah then I take that back, I have only seen them at the outlets when they were returns but I know the outlets are *supposed* to be getting them in really soon.. you can call and get put on the list too. Good Luck! :tup:
  12. Really...a list? Hmm. I have called them several times and they never suggested me going on a She told me to just keep calling back.