Are The Wapity and Okapi PM Similar? Post Pics of Yours!!!

  1. I really like the wapity, but wish I could get it in Damier. But then I came across a pic of a TPF'er wearing her Okapi PM and did some researching and I think it would be just as useful for me as a Wapity. What do you guys think? Are they pretty much the same? If you have either one (or both) can you post pics? Thanks!
    Wapity-MC.jpg Wapity-Mono.jpg Okapi-PM.jpg
  2. I think the Okapi is a little bigger, but I think they're pretty similar other than that.
  3. ^Did you ever buy either one? All of a sudden Im in love with that Okapi!
  4. The are similar. But I like the Okapi a lot because it has the long strap for extra convenience.
  5. I like the wapity more cuz it's available in MC white + red alcantara lining :biggrin: while the okapi is not.
    However in terms of the style/shape of the two regardless of the print, I really don't mind either one. I think they're both cute.
    here's are pix you asked