Are the strawberry and lips charms old?

  1. Just wondering if my only chance of finding these is eBay? Were they ever at the outlets?

  2. I think the lips were at the outlets! and I think the strawberry is very limited.
  3. this strawberry ?
    if so a week ago i got mine from JAx there was about 4 left.
    havent seen any on eBay.
  4. The Strawberry charm was on the Japan site and still haven't made it to the U.S. site (don't know if it ever will). I think the Lips charm was out at the Outlets a while back.
  5. I got my strawberry charm back in December. It was on the Japan site. Ive never seen the lip one.
  6. Same as what they said :yes:
  7. I've not seen the strawberry charm at either the boutiques or the outlets. In fact, both places had a rather poor selection.
  8. I saw the lips charm a few weeks ago at the Coach outlet. Unfortunately, I don't remember the price of it though.
  9. I got my strawberry charm today! I haven't seen the lips.
  10. Where did you get it? I am a STRAWBERRY whore! almost
    haha i love strawberries, so the charm would be perfect for me!
  11. I ordered it directly from JAX!:yes: