Are the Spring 07 colors coming out late Feb?

  1. Is BalNY receiving the spring colors at the beginning of February? If so, are they not going to show up at Barney's until the end of the month?
  2. The Pre-Spring collection have started to come into BalNY. Their expecting their Spring collection to come in March. They told me the cobalt City (that I'm planning to get) should be coming in mid March.
  3. Thanks for the info Irissy!!! :flowers:
    March seems so far away. Grrr...
  4. yeah I went to BalNY today and they said the colors like anthracite will be there in march....I am on the list for anthracite city....but i was looking at the actual swatches and I am not sure...
  5. some of the 07 city is here in balenciaga spore but the work bags will arrive in march! i got a 07 black city!