Are the Speedy 25's really small??

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the Damier Speedy 25 but not sure of the sizing. I have a Mono 30 and like the size of that but just would like to be a little different with the 25 but I will buy the 30 if the 25 is too small.

    Thanks for your help in Advance!
  2. They aren't too small. They're a pretty good size. I like the size 30 better though.
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  3. When I saw the damier speedy 25 I thought it looked like a child's purse! It is small, but it holds more than you think it will because it expands.
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  4. In my opinion, it's not too small. I'm like 5'7" and it's the perfect size for me. It holds a lot too.
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  5. I don't think the speedy 25 is small. It's the perfect size on my body frame, I love mine's!
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  6. i have a 30 but speedy 25 is not can carry lots in that lil monster :biggrin:
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  7. The speedy 25 is my all time favorite bag. It holds a LOT more than I realized. I love the size.
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  8. I am a Speedy 25 girl and the two that I have hold as much as I put in my BH: wallet, small agenda, ipod, phone, pill case, make up bag, 4 key holder.

    It can also hold my daughter's sweater and toys. It is soooo roomy!
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  9. Yes:yes:. My only complaint about the 25 is that the zipper opening is a biotch to open :yucky:
  10. i think it's small.reminds me of a lunch box..but that's cuz I prefer big bags (speedy 35..30 smallest)...

    here's a pic of paris hilton carrying a cerise speedy (assuming hers is real...). gives a good idea of the size.

  11. 25 is not small...well the size is perfect for my body frame;) and hold a LOT more than you imagine
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  12. I have a speedy 25 in mono and just got one in azur- they hold a lot !- Not too small at all
  13. I think it's too small (in my opinion) maybe b/c I absolutely LOVE the 30's!!!
  14. Speedy 30 is a best size
  15. what do you carry in your bag daily ? Do you fill a speedy 30 ?