Are the sniping websites safe and secure?

  1. Just wanted to know if they are trustworthy and if your eBay information is secure. I've been hearing a lot about justsnipe so I'm thinking about using it.
  2. Hmmm.....I don't know. :s

    I 'feel' safe with, as they seem professional and you pay a small fee, but I have to say that I registered with justsnipe and immediately regretted it, as I noticed a rise in warnings from our anti-spyware software.

    I think they must make their money from adware and possibly also spyware... :s
  3. oh really...hmmm...don't know if i should try this
  4. I use and feel secure. I just use a different password for that account (i.e. signing into that site vs. eBay)...I haven't noticed any problems with anything.
  5. I use as well and haven't noticed anything alarming..just an excellent way to bid when you're unable to be there, worked for me every time!:smile:
  6. I have been using for about a yr now and no problems at all.
    I can't always be around to bid and I don't really like the manual bidding so I snipe just about every auction and win most of the time.
    Good luck!
  7. I have used auctionsniper numerous times and it seems legit and safe. You pay via paypal so you can keep track of it.
  8. I'm another occasional user of I've never had a problem.
  9. I've used without any problems whatsoever. It's worked for me.
  10. I used auctionsniper and I loved it. I won my item and didnt have to wake up early.
  11. I use and have been happy with it so far! I win about 2/3 of the auctions I snipe using their service.
  12. I don't even bother bidding on Coach anymore...I only do BINs or Best Offers b/c I always get sniped. I am kind of afraid of signing on to a sniping service. One I was looking into required you to give your eBay password. That didn't seem safe to me. Are they all like that, of necessity? Those of you who use the sniping websites, do you feel they are secure? TIA for any info!
  13. Yes, please fill us in....I've been curious about that too...

    Ebay always leaves me pissed off for that reason, and then I end up buying whatever it was at the store for full price to fulfill my sadness...awwww.:crybaby:
  14. I use biddingscheduler. It's become a habit now and just enter my top maximum bid. I feel fine with it and I've been using it for a while now. It's great because before this, I was always driving up bids by way too much money and now I just enter my max amount and that's that.
  15. is the one I use and in order to place your bid they have to have your ebay id and password.

    I've only lost 3 auctions and I had underbid those times. I've been doing this for about a year or more now