Are the Silverados losing popularity?

  1. I was thinking of getting one but didn't want to spend a ton of money if they are on their way "out" Forgive me, I don't know alot about Chloe. I did order a paddy awhile back but didn't like the heaviness the lock added so I sent it back. Any thoughts would be appreciated!:flowers:
  2. Don't buy it because it is or isn't popular ....... buy it because you LOVE IT!
  3. Oops sorry, maybe I gave the wrong impression.. I do like them, but I do like to keep up with the current bags somewhat. Just didn't want to pay over $1000 for a bag that will lose value quickly or that I won't be able to recoup some of my money on if I ever decide to sell it. I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to Chloe bags:shame:
  4. One of my co-workers carries a Black medium satchel. It is so cute! Every time I see her carrying it I want to get one!
  5. I think the Silverado, especially in the Python, has more staying power than the Paddy. If you're worried about weight, the Silverado is far lighter than the Paddy.
  6. I ADORE the Silverado!!! Are there new colors coming out? Maybe that would help your decision.
  7. Thanks girls, I actually do like the look of the Silverado more than the Paddy. I will look out for the new colors..Hoping something jumps out at me. Seems like the Silverado still has quite the following, good to hear!:amuse:
  8. I LOVE my silverado way more than my paddy!! It's such a neat bag!
  9. :P I like Silverado. I think Silverado will always "IN" .
  10. Silverado was my first Chloe and I loved it ever since I saw it. It's very functional and way lighter than Paddy. I initially bought one in the naturel all leather but sold it a while back....I just bought a python medium silverado (my dream bag!) and am selling my chocolate medium because I don't need two! I truly don't think you can go wrong w/silverado. Like Angst said, it has much more lasting power.
  11. I think that, obviously, the days of the Silverado being an 'it' bag are long gone. But, like the beautiful bracelet bags and clutches, it has become one of Chloe's signature styles and therefore, it will probably be around for some time, in smaller numbers (while there is still demand).

    So, if you love it - buy it! :yes:

    Particularly, if you can pick one up in the sales; or in a new colour for Autumn! :biggrin:
  12. Definitely agree with the thoughts that the Silverado has more lasting power than the Paddy. It's not only a lighter and more functional bag in general, but it doesn't have any true trendy aspect to it like the lock on the Paddy to date it nearly as much. So now you can move long past its status as an "it" bag and concentrate on whether you like it and if it works for you. And if you can pick one up on sale, it's that much better!
  13. I so agree with chloehandbags and couldn't think of the right way to say's definitely a signature style from Chloe! I love mine and wuold definitely recommend it to anyone!!
  14. I think silverados are hot, the normal leather kind. Not too keen on python.
  15. i like the leather too :smile: