Are the signature or leather belted ergos...

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  1. ... in the outlets already? I feel like I read that someone said they were in a post... but I must have been hallucinating b/c that seems too good to be true! I was going to wait to get one (probably a leather one) at the next PCE but if theyre already at the outlets I can get it sooner!!! If anyone knows please let me know the price too! Thanks! :drool:
  2. I was at the outlet by me last week and did not see any. They are still on the Coach Website so I don't think that they are in the outlets just yet. Can anyone else chime in please? I do believe that they will hit the outlets sometime in early December.
  3. No. These are not in the outlets yet. The Ergo large totes (from Spring) are currently in the outlet. They are not belted. I have seen them in camel and black for $398 - 30% off.
  4. Thanks! I wonder when they will be showing up there? I always do this- wait and wait and obsess over a bag and then when Im about ready to buy it theyre either at the outlets already or about to go. Im trying to be good this time and wait for it to hit the outlets... i wonder how long it will take!