Are the shoulder totes comfortable?

  1. I've been carryign alot of totes/2 strap bags recently...and guess I'm just not used to a one strap bag.

    How comfortable is the shoulder tote? (still hoping to win this baby off eBay). Is the drop substantial enough where the bag isn't hiked up to my armpit with a jacket on?

  2. i have that bag in a different color....i think its very comfortable to wear. It fits well with a jacket/coat too.
  3. I hate 2 straps and only do one straps...I love them, it makes or breaks the deal if I buy the bag or not....can love the bag but if the straps too wide, too thin or too long I don't get it.
  4. I have that bag in 2 different colors...White/khaki and chocolate and I love them both!!! Mine fit very comfortably with a coat/jacket on. And it is very roomy!!!!!!!!
  5. I have it in the brown pebbled leather and I love it. I wish I could carry two bags at the same time. I have too many I want to carry.
  6. I have a black optic print in that style and it's very lightweight and holds a ton! Smooshes fabulously under my arm even with a heavy coat on too.

    Good luck, hope you win it!
  7. my friend has that and she compains that it hurts her shoulders because the strap isnt very thick also to keep its shape you have to stuff it with alot of items or it will become droopy
  8. I have a black one. I feel very comfortable on my shoulder. It is kind of like my winter bag because it goes with my coat or down jacket. It never falls off from my shoulder.
  9. If I could only keep one bag it would be the brown pebled leather shoulder tote.
  10. I have the patchwork tote from a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorites! Very comfortable to wear.
  11. well...poo...I didn't win the auction. (damn hubby...playing his 'puter games and I missed the end of the auction)

    soooo...looks like i'm buying this when it comes out...but it looks like this strap is I must try it on first...

    (anyone think coach will make it in Khaki/gold? because if they do...I just might pee my panties in delight...but right now, I'm leaning towards khaki/white)


  12. ^^I've been waiting for this one too!

    Does anyone know if it will come in khaki/gold?
  13. ^^ Oooh, that bag is gorgeous, if it came in black/silver, it would be mine :drool:

    I have a yellow optic tote from last spring and it is one of the most comfortable shoulder bags I have! My strap looks about that length too.
  14. The shoulder tote is very comfortable, I have had it in two patchwork designs. I am hoping that it comes out in legacy leather though, I would be all over it. Or a metallic leather!! Anyone know?

    I can't stand patent leather, so that stripe one is out for me, sadly.
  15. I have the Khaki/white shoulder tote & it's very comfortable on the shoulders. The stripe one looks like it would be even better b/c it actually has a shoulder pad on the strap.