Are the SA's meant to give you a box when you buy a bag

  1. Because when I got my first LV piece a speedy at Caesars last xmas and I got a bag but no box but since then I have bought accessories from the Beverly Center store and always got a little box.

    Come to think of it they weren't really that intrested in selling much to me that day. Myabe I didn't spend enough:hrmm:
  2. they're not required to give you one. but you should definitely ask whenever you make purchases. i just love that chocolate brown box :smile:
  3. My regular SA knows that I always want my things boxed up (for the 3-4 hour drive home :cursing: ) but if someone else rings me up they ask if I'd like a box, otherwise I request one. Most bags, especially larger ones, don't automatically come with a box.
  4. Sometimes you just have to ask for one!
  5. Agree with Dell. They'll be a little "greedy" to give box for large bag
  6. Request one for sure. They are great for storage.
  7. I always ask for one
  8. I ask for one too. I love the boxes!
  9. they don't always ask. my first speedy, i never got asked and i never knew to ask! but for my mirage speedy, they asked and i requested the large fold down one, and also a large drawstring dust bag :biggrin: hehe
  10. If you want a box, it's best to request for one. Sometimes they'll give you one automatically and sometimes they'll ask if you want one. It really depends on the SA.
  11. Nope, you usually need to ask for the box.

    What's weird was that I was there the other day and made a return for credit. They placed my giftcard / credit receipt in a box for me and I didn't need to ask for one! I would have been happy with an envelope, but now I have a pretty brown box to use ;)
  12. you should ask to have a box

    however depend the situation where very very busy, SA seem forgot that due trying to quicker way to give out which enable to serve next customer that waiting for being serve :yes:

    yeah I choose quiet time that SA able to give me box and ask for extra smal box too :heart:
  13. yeah just ask for it and you'll get one :smile:
  14. I called 866 today, and asked about storage boxes. I bought two purses at the boutiques and did not get a box either time. They told me just to bring the receipts into the local boutique and request boxes, no problem!
  15. you can always ask your SA for one when you make the purchase =)