Are the Reporters still popular?

  1. I have two reporter bags that I have never used and I'm thinking about returning or selling one.

    I really want to buy a more timeless Chanel---The Grand shopper tote. :sweatdrop:

    I'm wondering if I should hang onto both of my reporters and get the tote later or should I return one and get the tote NOW.

    I'm not into fads and tend to carry what ever I like regardless of style----- but perhaps its overboard to have TWO trendy Chanel bags. Maybe?

  2. The Grand Shopper Tote seems really popular lately! Hmm, if you have two I might consider returning one. Which colors do you have? The only thing is that the reporter has been discontinued so I would be 100% sure before returning. The GST is a classic and will always be available. It is a beautiful bag so you definitely can't go wrong with it. I don't have one, but I have been admiring the other ones on the board. :yes:
  3. I think your black/white reporter will always be in style. My vote would be to keep it and return or sell the white/python to fund the GST.

  4. LOL. You remember which ones I have :love:

    I'm just worried that since they don't make the white/python anymore that I might kick myself.

    but then again its sat in its dustbag for months untouced.....

    Did they discontinue the reporter altogether?

  5. i agree with roey. keep the black and white and return the white python.let us know what you decide on.
  6. No, the reporter is still being produced but maybe only in the smaller size?
  7. I agree with keeping the black/white reporter and returning the white python one
  8. Return the Python one. Keep only one reporter.

    I have the one in beige and completely love it.

    On the other hand I hear chanting in the background....

    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,
    Grand shopping Tote,

    RIght Roey?:graucho:
    You have to bring it home to love it!
    Most importantly, it's value for money.

  9. If the white/python has been sitting in your closet untouched, you should definitely return it. Yes since they don't make the white/python anymore I can see your dilemma but like you said b4, you wear what you like and are not into fads and since you haven't worn the python, return it and DEFINITELY get the GST. That bag has grown in popularity recently but IMO, I still think that its a timeless classic. I LOVE my reporter. You should definitely keep the color you would use more. You won't miss it if you don't use it:angel::shame:;)

  10. ^^^Such wise words. :yes:
    I'm going to ponder this for a day or so....but I will probably end up retruning the white one
  11. I have 4 cambons and two are reporters...i've been thinking the same thing recently....Definitely keep atleast is a great bag!
  12. Agree with everyone...keep the black/white reporter...but it's definitely a tough decision! Good luck!!!
  13. i personally don't like the reporter, so i prefer the GST. to me, it definitely is more timeless.
    i'd only keep the one you use more though.
    I sooooo want a white on black reporterbag!! Please tell me it is not being discontinued!!!! I'm still saving for it!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:

    I really really love this bag, so if I had two of them I would hold on to them very tightly...specially coz you can't not find them anymore..!
    I did that with one of my watches ( i have a bag and watch thing) I sold it to one of my co workers..who was just in love with it, and wanted to buy it for herself, and i wasn't planning on wearing the same watch with her. So I sold itto her, and bought another one...but ever since i did that...I really really want it back! I don't like it on her and I betrayed myself by selling one of my babies...:cry: I still look for it in stores...I really miss it.(you don't know what you got till it's gone, right?? I can kick myself for doing it)

    So a tip for you...If you're sure about it, that you won't use it, than sell it, but if you're still in love with it...don't do it! take him out for a winter is soooo the seaon for a white chanel bag!! :yes: Imagine yourself with a white trench coat and your white chanel reporter!! hmmmm

  15. ^^^You are SOOO right. I actually tried it on yesterday again and thought about how sleek it looks. Even more so than the black/white. This was the main reason I wanted it so bad originally.

    Hmmmm......must think about this longer