are the red classic flaps out in stores yet?

  1. just wondering, still waiting for a call from my SA.
  2. yes, ive seen it at Saks.
  3. the caviar?
  4. i just called my Saks and they're not getting them....
  5. yes..I got my red lambskin classic flap a few weeks ago :smile:
  6. I want a red bag so bad!! :sos:
  7. I'm patiently waiting for my red jumbo caviar flap. I was just in the boutique yesteday and my SA said they are not due to arrive in that store until sometime in May.
  8. They have shipped to most stores already, the lambskin red at least.
  9. I just got a call from Brendan at Chanel in NY that the red caviar e/w with the new chain is in... I was on the list for that and the jumbo, but decided I would rather wait for the jumbo. He said the red jumbo could be here by next week or the week after!!! :smile:

  10. My SA told me in the next week or two... She said definitely before the end of April...
    so we will see
  11. i also got a call from brendan today and he's shipping the e/w bag to me. I should get it on friday, i will hold onto it for now but i am still waiting for the call for the medium size caviar. i prefer the medium since i already have a e/w bag in blue.
  12. Does Saks, Neiman Marcus or Chanel in the US ship internationally ? :smile: