Are the pousse pousse bracelet still being sold

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  1. I really like this bracelet. Anybody know if this is still being sold and where if you've seen it. thanks
  2. I was not even aware of this design until my SA showed this to me. It seems that it will be hard to find and H is discontinuing production soon. Pousse Pousse PM in Feu. I also saw it in a Rubis or Rouge Cassaque color. Very easy to wear and quite comfy.

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  3. I was in Harrods last week and they hv 1 in Orange GM PHW. According to the SA, Hermes is reproducing Pousse Pousse bracelet again so there will be more sightings of this bracelet in the boutiques again.
  4. That's great to know kewave! And I'm guessing the SA's in UK will know better than those in the US regarding production. I think she must have been thinking they were hard to find for quite some time. Thanks for the tip. So I hope others will post theirs soon!
  5. Saw a chocolat with GHW at FSH.
  6. I saw one in H beverly hills last month
  7. Yes, I got an orange w ghw from fsh last month. They had quite a few pieces
  8. may i ask how much is the poussepousse this time round?

  9. ^
  10. I have seen them every now and then.