Are the Platino trim D-gold bags popular?

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  1. so, i bought this bag yesterday, and i'm going back and forth on whether it's too blingy for me. i think it's fun for the summertime, and i'm a younger mom (early 30s), and i'm pretty much in tanks and shorts for the summer.

    i think i will keep it, b/c it's different, a little trendier than my classic bags, and young. my SA said that it's for the 20-35 year old range that the company has been marketing it to.

    i went to saks yesterday, and found that they were sold out of the bag after my last visit last week. so i'm thinking the style is getting popular.

    what do you all think of the style?
    (sorry for the large photo, i copied from
  2. i have a friend that dresses down, no make up etc. she always carries a bling handbag because she says she has to have some style somewhere.she wants people to notice her handbag,not her plainess. i thought about it and she's right!.if your dressed up or down,the handbag has got to catch the eye. hope i explained that right.
  3. I think you should definitely keep it! That is a beautiful bag! I'm hoping it will go on sale at the next sale Gucci has. It is not too bling bling at all! The brown Gucci tones the gold down a bit. Absolutely LOVE the style! It's a keeper! :tup:
  4. You should definitely keep it. :tup:
    I bought the abbey shoulder bag in that same sand color with platino trim and I LOVE it! I usually wear jeans and don't really dress up so it's a way to add a little flavor to my outfits.
  5. Great!! Yes! You should keep it! That's my next bag to buy in ~ 3 months, and I never even thought that it was bling bling! :smile: You should definitely keep it! :girlsigh:
  6. I really like that bag and I vote you keep it as well!
  7. I like it because it has a fresh new shape. It's not your typical boxy, or triangular shaped bag. I think the creased fabric is a nice touch. I haven't seen people carry this style around but I think a few tpf'ers have gotten it recently. Spoil yourself, it's a keeper. :yes:
  8. i actually didn't like this bag in person at all. I was anticipating it all winter long, but go thing i didn't buy it online. So it's a no-keeper for me, there are lots other gucci bag that's nice looking too.
  9. Def. a keeper!! I've been pining for this bag since the winter, however, i just splurged on a LV Tivoli, so i have to wait again... *sigh*
  10. keep it! it's gorgeous.
  11. i really like this bag. Def keep it. My favorite thing about it is the platino trim!!
  12. I think its beautiful and im sure lovely on you. Keep it.
  13. Definitely keep it!! I've been eyeing this bag since it came out!! Like you said it's different and trendy. I can't buy any Gucci anytime soon b/c I bought 3 bags and a wallet during last November sale! But if I were you, I wouldn't give up this bag for anything! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Hi babyhart I hope you've decided to keep your bag ^^. You should post pictures with you wearing it.:tup:
    And do you (or anyone else) know if this will be going to classic line or will be a spring/summer seasonal thing? I would it'll be moving to classic, but I'm not sure.
  15. This is one of the few gucci's I really like right now. It is super cute!