Are the pink medallion totes still available?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if the pink medallion totes are still available, preferably on sale? I thought I saw a thread that Saks marked them down before, did any other stores? Also, for those of you who have it, it should fit over a jacket ok right? Are the straps comfortable when worn on the shoulder? Thanks for any help!
  2. When I tried on the medallion tote, it fit comfortably under my arm without a jacket on, but with a coat (even just a peacoat) it was tight and the outer handle kept poking out off my shoulder). I have average sized arms, not particularly thin or anything.

    Can't help you with the other part of the question about Saks though :smile:
  3. Thanks Karman! Yea, rolled handles scare me a bit, I get paranoid that they may hurt my shoulder. Plus, these handles look a bit stiff. I tried it on a while ago but can't remember if it felt extremely comfy. Well, my NM SA has this bag, but I guess NM never marked the price down. Darn! Has anyone seen this bag at any of the other department stores?