Are the Patent LV Shoes hard to maintain?

  1. I am really eyeing a pair of the white patent ballet flats with the little flowers, but I'm worried that they will be hard to clean, and we're coming up to fall...anyone have any good/bad experiences with the patent shoes:smile: ?
  2. I know the ones you mean!!!:graucho: Maybe you should get a black pair of those instead. I have a couple of patent leather shoes (not LV) and they are pretty easy to maintain but if you brush against somthing harsh, FORGET IT!!! The shoe is ruined. Plus, car mats do a number on the back of the patent shoe as well.
  3. I used to have a bunch of patent leather mary janes when I was little and it's the same HAVE to make sure your feet aren't going to brush against each other when you walk. You might think that yours don't but wear some patent leather shoes and you'll see that they do lol. I think you can probably get minor scuffs (like black streaks) out with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but otherwise, you have to make sure you keep any and all sharp things away from the shoes.
    So I agree with might be better lol.
  4. White patent is also notorious for changing color with prolonged sun exposure. It turns yellow and it's often a splotchy process. So you wind up with random yellowing...
  5. I have patent leather shoes, non LV of course, but I think patent isnt hard to take care of. I have patent shoes with white patent, and it never turned yellow and what not. Its really easy to clean, but color transfer is a problem, with color transfer I just use a lil nail polish remover and it comes right off. Also the only other problem is the crease thing, which is hard to stay away from without hurting yourself.