Are the original Cabas coming back in brown or just in black?

  1. does anyone know or seen?
  2. I was told both colors are coming in soon. Saks ordered them.
  3. I don't think the orginal coco cabas will come, only the baby cabas.
  4. i'm not doubting you, but.... I spoke with an NM SA today and she said that Chanel is no longer making the Baby Coco Cabas at all. I was really hoping to get it in Black but none of the SA's that I've spoken with seems to know what's really going on.
  5. I agree that nobody seems to be able to give us some clear answers. Some say no, others say yes. I don't belive it untill I see the bag in my hand ;)

    Anyway, I talked to a Chanel store in Paris yesterday and she said that they will get the baby cabas (the one from the cruise collection) in both sizes and in some new colours!!? She already had a huge waiting list but I'm hoping she will call me once they arrive. I really wanted the orginal coco cabas, but I'm pretty sure that one has been discontinued.
  6. yes, they are coming with black and the bronze this august, refer to chanelBoy posts..... had already 4 bags waiting list with him.....
  7. oh so, its the baby cabas that;s coming............
  8. ^^ gals, what's the difference between the baby cabas from the cruise collection & the one that wasn't (?)...i'm also wondering if both versions came in black caviar leather (?) :shrugs: