Are the older MJ styles collectible?

  1. Do most of you only buy new styles, or do you get excited about the earlier designs and colors no longer made?
    Just curious!
  2. I totally get excited for the older style bags. I personally am not really into the newer style stuff. I like the stams, and the new sweet punk line but that is it really.
  3. I really don't care if bags are old or new style. I only buy bags that I really realy like because of the color and the shape and so far that has only been the case for old styles that I just recently discovered!
  4. I LOVE the old turnlocks - I've seen a few on eBay, and I'm surprised people don't go for them more -- Is the leather as soft as today's?
  5. I adore the classic bags in discontinued colors. I am still patiently waiting for some colors to pop up in styles that I prefer... One day perhaps!

    The new ones are great too, but only a few. I'm not really in love with a lot of the new styles, just specific ones.
  6. i love VINTAGE MJ!

  7. I completely agree and I couldn't have said it better myself! :yes:
  8. i adore the older styles, especially those with silver hardware or those with the brass buckles...

    i'm still on the hunt for a original or reissue stella...:search::p
  9. I have a Stella and Venetia that I purchased a few years ago, both with cloth versus suede interiors, that I simply adore and can never get rid of. I love the more classic styles because I kind of feel like the quality was a bit better then. I've had a spate of bad luck with current MJ bags, so I've kind of soured on them for now.
  10. I LOVE some of the older Marc Jacobs... especially the Stella! I'm still kicking myself for not purchasing one when they first came out. I'm also trying to find a Stam with suede lining (not really OLD but not made any more as far as I know) but am too scared of eBay to try that route... :shame: But still not giving up all hope!
  11. I am definitely drawn to the classic styles. I like a few of the new ones, but I prefer the classics.
  12. I definetly adore the older color leather, stitching, and lining combos!!
  13. I'm not sure. I adore my 2005 Caroline :heart: - it's so different from his other bags.
  14. I think the color combos from classic bags are definitely collectible, and seem to be the reason for many successful auctions on eBay. I like a few of his newer bags, but it seems I'd invest more in the older styles because of the cleaner lines. Some of his new bags seem kinda all over the place with the design, lol. IMO, though. hehe!