Are the Noir bags different shades? Please post a picture if you have Noir!

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  1. First, let me reintroduce myself!! i changed my user name from macp6 to Rockerchic. this is my first blog so when I was creating my username, I didn't realize that it would be so visible and everyone would know me by it. Macp6 is my work id and is sooooo boring. I also love the MP and didn't want to think about work while on here:Push: . Vlad was kind enough to let me change and i have morphed into Rockerchic!! So funny because I am just and old mommy ...but thanks for indulging me on this!!

    Now on to my question, i have seen noir in the store and it looked a verrry dark gray/ black. Do all noirs look the same or are some deep black and some more of a bluish gray? If you have noir, could you post a picture? thanks!!
  2. Here you go rockerchic, I think this is late '05 or early '06...

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  3. ^^thanks so much. They must differ pretty significantly. Yours looks to be a deeper black and lb's looks much grayer.
  4. Hi, like ur new user ID...I recently bought the black paddy on Aloharag and then returned it...but the noir (the tag said it was a noir) they are selling there now is a very true grey in it--which I think I would have preferred more...
  5. I also have noir paddy, however, mine is true black. like the one pictured above.
  6. Actually it does look lighter in other lighting. Check this one out.

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  7. Hey Rocker chic

    I still have the Noir east west bouler in Noir. I would say it's on the grey side. I finally found my camera last week. I don't know if you remember but I said I would post pics of my bag but then I couldn't find my camera. I thought I lost it until I found it in one of my other bags. My husband has the camera so I'll post pics tomorrow.
  8. ^^ thanks so much gals! L_rod I love your avatar!! Having little girls is soooo much fun--scary though if they inheret our hbag addiction!! :smile: Going to cost DH alot of money!
  9. Hi Rockerchic - my noir Paddy is in my avatar - it's kind of small so here's a larger version - it really is a deep charcoal grey - mine wouldn't be confused with black:

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  10. ^^Gorgeous bisbee! thanks for posting the beautiful pic!
  11. I think the color depends on what season it's from. Noir was originally black in the first two seasons then changed to a bluish-greyish tone in the spring/summer 06 season (which came out in late 05).
  12. ^^thanks roey!