Are The New Phoebe Leathers More Matte?

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  1. Hi all! I have a few Phoebes and love the style so much. I have been pretty much living in my Black one. I got a small Blue Cornflower and I noticed the color of that one and the Tan were not as shiny as the usual pebbled leather I was used to. It was a lovely blue, so she came home with me. The snap was a bit harder to line up as well. I wonder if anyone else had her or noticed the difference in these new colors. I saw the brown Cafe Carryall and I liked the leather , but It was a bit bulkier to me . I think the name was Silt. Sorry if that is wrong. I think a Sea Mist is coming and I wonder if it too will be Matte. What are your thoughts on these colors? I kind of miss the sheen. Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.
  2. I'm very interested if anyone has noticed this. I don't have a Phoebe yet and I'm glad that I've held off if this is the case. I have a tendency to prefer matte leather to shiny leather I would be curious to know if this is true.

  3. I hope the Sea Mist isn't matte, I prefer the shiny leather, or at least the regular leather sheen. I was looking forward to picking up something in this color. There's some photos of Sea Mist on the Spring preview thread and the Phoebe looks like it's semi-shiny, but not so sure of the other things.
  4. I love the Phoebes and I do see a difference that the leather on this batch, cornflower , tan, is more semi matte. I like the shiny leather more like a sheen. It is still very pretty , but I think the more matte light colors are harder to just wipe clean. That is of course a very individual preference. Pretty bag no matter the color!
  5. Thanks for the pictures. Lovely color . It is hard to tell if there is as high a sheen to the leather as the first Black, GQ, Chestnut, BV, but if it is like the Cornflower and the Tan, I think it is a semi matte. I preferred the shine. That is what made Madison leather a favorite in my opinion. But, that is only my preferences, sheen and soft slouchy light bags. There is a shift in style in general at Coach with the Borough Bag and boxier more businesslike bags. They do have sporty hobos and totes of course and they are all nice! We will cross our fingers about the Sea Mist!
  6. Coach stock pics often don't look like the bag IRL. I think pics on tPF that are more realistic than Coach's pics. I always appreciate when members post pics and if I neglect to mention this in a reveal, I will say it now, I am so grateful for all of the pics that tPF members post here!