Are the new Inclusion colours limited edition?

  1. Are the berry and white inclusion colours limited edition? I thought they are new colours that will be available whenever. Can someone clarify this?

    eBay: Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Pink Inclusion Speedy Key Ring (item 270027599621 end time Sep-16-06 19:33:18 PDT)
    This auction says it's LE and is selling the new berry inclusion mini speedy for a ridiculously high, over-retail price.

    ALSO! This auction has pics of the new white inclusion keychain!!! SO PRETTY! :love:
    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON AUTHENTIC SWEET MONOGRAM SPEEDY KEYHOLDER (item 220025386509 end time Sep-14-06 09:45:00 PDT)
  2. In general they are limited edition. When a new color comes out, it's here for a while and then they move on to the next color after a season or two. But it's probably not hard to find one in the store right now. I think they are taking advantage of people way too early. You can still find them in the store for retail. The people who buy them don't know that.
  3. Thanks elongreach!
    Do you know approximately how long a new colour lasts for?
    So I'm assuming black and beige will be gone pretty soon...? And before that there was yellow and pink?
  4. It's really hard to find black now. You might be able to still get a beige in stores (more likely the GM rather than the PM).

    It was Yellow and Pink then Beige and Black and now Berry and white.

    I'm not really sure how long they stay available though. I got my beige back in June though.
  5. I think it's a new colour each season so the news ones will be spring/summer 2007
  6. Yeah it's just limited release not limited edition. :smile:
  7. Okay, so I called 866 VUITTON and they said that the new colours won't be released until November? Is it only out in Europe, then?

    *is very confused*

    Also, Canadian Pricing is $260 for the PM, just what I expected. :smile: