are the new floral bags jeweless?

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  1. I was going through the spring summer threads and noticed they all have jewels? did any of the new maggies or audreys come with their jewels?
  2. I was told that the audrey's won't be coming with the jewel fobs... so I'm not sure why they had a pic up of the eggshell audrey with a jewel fob? Kind of deceiving I think... Baglady39 posted her Maggie and I didn't see a jewel fob on hers either... I think the jewel fob adds that extra "somethin, somethin" to it... darn it coach!
  3. Yes this is a shame because I really like that extra Bling on these bags..
  4. yes and in the spring summer thread it shows violet audrey with the prettiest violet jewel
  5. Oh I think that was crystals bag and she just added the crystal fob from another one of her bags...
  6. Yep, she added that jewel fob herself (thats the one you could just buy seperately)....

    Maybe they will have more jewel fobs coming out this year? But that would be dumb that if these are LE bags that they wouldn't just come with them...
  7. None of the florals I've gotten so far do not have them...Maggie, or the violet or bronze Audrey. There's just a nickel hangtag, and on the Maggie XL, a mirror fob too. I think this MIGHT be due to being a LE release, but I don't know what subsequent actual release styles will have. It may or may not, but you're it shows them, but that might just be a prototype. Crystal removed her jewel from another bag and put it on her floral Audrey.
  8. The Poppy Kaleidoscope tote we saw pictured with a fob don't come with it either!