Are the new cotton Carlys year round bags?

  1. I really love both the chocolate and the denim cotton carlys but haven't seen them in person. If you own one, do you think they're year round bags? I've been holding out on getting a Carly but don't want to limit myself to a seasonal bag.

  2. I dont have one, but I would totally use it as a year around bag. They are so darned cute and color wise, to me they can be used all of the time. If I were you I would GO FOR IT!, ya cant go wrong!
  3. IMO the denim is if you're super casual but not the chocolate or jade, I just associate cotton canvas bags with summer though.
  4. i think they are- definitely!
  5. I probably wouldn't use the chocolate in the winter, but I think it's fine for the other 3 seasons. I suppose it also depends on what your seasons are like! Like if you are in warmer states like CA or FL, you can use it year round, but in the NE, I wouldn't. You might be able to get away with the denim though. I actually like that one, and I've never been a fan of denim bags.
  6. I think the Denim is year round especially if you get it in the dark denim. The cotton one I believe is just for Spring, Summer and perhaps early fall. The leather Carly Bags are year round bags.
  7. i think the cotton is spring/summer/early fall
  8. Yeah I'd definitely say the cotton is seasonal. That's why I'm going for the signature black one...all year round and I can really get a lot of use out of a black bag.
  9. That's what I'm starting to think too - maybe just going for the black sig carly. But I really like the size of the large cotton carly. I'll have to wait until I can get into the store to try them on. But I agree that the new cotton ones are spring/summer/early fall.....
  10. This is my dilemma...I love the cotton ones but worry that I won't get as much use out of them. I'm hoping they'll do a Carly in chocolate leather but have no idea what the fall line will look like...

    I do love that bag, though. It seems like one of the few large bags that are light weight and easy to carry. Also love the zipper!
  11. I just brought out my Shoulder bag done in the Choco cotton from last year. Yeah, I'd agree that it's seasonal because just didn't "feel right" when October came -
    BUT I stored it and love bringing it out now. - Like I have a new bag!