Are the new batch of B-Bags on Bluefly fake?

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  1. Their shapes look a bit funny to me, and they provide very few pictures to help athenticate the bags.

    I'd steer away from these.
  2. Fakes again. The bales on the second are square. It's unbelievable that they still sell those fakes and that they are frauding innocent buyers. It seems that they give a damn sh... about honesty and customer support. I'LL never ever buy one single piece from them.
  3. Yeah, these are probably the fake bags that were returned recently by some of the PFers and my friend. They should know better than to re-list them after receiving correspondence from many of the customers that the bags are not authentic :rant:
  4. fake fake fake
  5. This may sound crazy, but this is my plan:

    I bought the Turquois City. When it arrives, I will take a gazillion digital pics and send these to Balenciaga NY store, with a letter and a copy of my receipt from Bluefly. Hopefully they will then go after Bluefly. I will also cc in the BBB and the attorney general for the state of NY (Spitzer kicks *ss). Seriously something needs to be done and I am going to do my best to bring Bluefly down for selling fakes.

    If anyone who has been duped by Bluefly wants to email me their "testimony", I will include it with my evidance to the Attorney General.
  6. You go girl! I will give you the email I sent to Balenciaga to forward to the Attorney General if you'd like;)
  7. OK so I really haven't paid too much to my Bluefly emails for a while now... but don't they team up with magazines, like joint sponsorship of things like the bags contests and stuff like that... I'm sure they'd appreciate that knowledge too... they're not goign to want to be affiliating themselves with a company that has been told about fakes and done nothing about it! Or at least I'd hope they wouldn't want to!
  8. That would be awesome! I will PM my email address to you. Thank you!
  9. I just called a rep at Bluefly who was quite snippy. I asked about the bags and what would they do if I had proof that one of their bags were fake. She just kept saying over and over again that they stand by their bags 100% no matter what. So I said to her, "If I present to you a letter from Balengiaga saying the bag you sent me is not authentic, you would not back down?" She said NO. The rep just said that it would be my choice to return the bag or not. Can you believe it? When I kept pressing the issue with her, she put me on hold to speak with her supervisor and came back with the same canned response. How pathetic is that??
  10. Please only post authenticity question in the Authenticate This! Sticky or Forum!
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