Are the MOCA neverfull's really sold out

  1. I live in NY and really want one of these beauties, no luck on e-bay and concerned about buying on there. Just called the store at the exhibit and they said they still have them in stock. Has anyone been there recently to tell me if this is true. Hubby would not object to a 4 day weekend in LA.
  2. Really? If I'm not mistaking I saw several MOCAs on eBay.
  3. If the store told you they're in stock then they're still in stock. I think the last I heard, it was the Rond that was sold out.
  4. I was in the store on Monday, and they had plenty of neverfulls and monogram agendas.
  5. Be careful on eBay...fakes are showing up.
  6. LOTS of fakes on ebay....:yes:
  7. A relative of mines was at Moca today...picked up a PM for me and said that they had many in stock along with agendas. All Rond sold out:sad: Lucky those that got one!
  8. I went there on 1/11 and I bought the last Monogram agenda they have. They still have one inside the display case left, but the refill is pretty beaten up. They sold out everything else except the Neverfull PM, but there are not many left, probably around 50-70 bags.