are the miroir items coming to every LV store?

  1. i just called the Beverly Hills Saks and asked about waitlisting the miroir cosmetic case in the silver. the SA put me on hold and then said that "they didn't have any information on this item" :confused1: but that she could put my name down, and if/when it came in they would give me a call.

    anyway, i guess i am surprised that this particular LV don't have info on this item, esp since its coming Feb 1st. last week a Beverly Center SA told me that the waitlist was already insane for all the miroir items their store was getting.

    so i guess i am wondering, are the non-standalone LVs (e.g. ones in Saks) supposed to get some miroir items as well? i sure hope they at least get one of each, i really want the cosmetic case! :drool:
  2. Suppose to be very limited and told by store manager here in NJ not all stores will be getting them. Will have to wait and see. Put my self on list at several different stores, just to hedge my bets
  3. Oh i would love get one.
  4. thanks for the info. i just waitlisted at another LA area boutique to be on the safe side. hope i get one!
  5. ^ oh, i just saw it just now, already bought for $500. :sad:

    thanks, though!