are the MC ipod MINI holder discontinued?

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  1. I have the iPod Mini and would love a white MC holder for that - but when my mom went in to ask for it a month ago, they only had the nano holder. On the UK website, only the Nano holder shows up .. did they stop making them? :sad:
  2. I think so. They also discontinued the LV mono PSP case which I wanted another one for a friend!
  3. thansk!! boohoo though ..:s
  4. Oh so the PSP case is already out of production even if PSP is a lot newer than ipod mini?? :S
    Try to take a look at LV website, I think I saw somewhere (UK or France) a white MC ipod mini holder, it was this year, maybe last summer
  5. Yeah I saw the ipod mini holder on the UK site a few months ago too .. but not anymore :sad:
  6. Maybe they have some left in your local store?
  7. no unfortunatly .. my mom asked in our store around my b-day (november 1st) and they only had for the nano ..
  8. I'm so sorry! :sad:
    Maybe try to put a WTB?
    Good luck with your hunting!!!
  9. Yes it is def. discontinued b/c the mini ipod was discontinued.