Are the Marc by Marc Jacobs "special items" for a limited time? or is it his ....

  1. Are the Marc by Marc Jacobs "special items" for a limited time? or is it his .... ultra low-end brand?

    Like.. he's forever having his "special items within is MARC brand and it will be super cheap?

    Just wondering if he will have NEW "special items" that I can look forward to.
    Or are those it?

  2. i can't say what direction he's going in by having the special items for sale. there was the news that he is coming out with a lower priced line to be called m3.

    he does come out with different special items though. some of the things are staples now like the bandaid keychain, condoms, lipstick pens, canvas bags, and the heart-shaped compacts. the wallets, wristlets, coin purses, and quited bags are new as are some of the necklaces and rings. he's also constantly coming out with different designs for the t-shirts. there is a lot of products available at the stores that aren't pictured on the site. i'm sure there will be more things to choose from in a few months. i check the special items section on the website every few weeks or so to see if they've updated with anything new.

    i always visit the bleecker street store since that is the closest to where i live. there is a third marc by marc jacobs store opening there this summer. i'm not sure what it's for. perhaps they're going to move the cheaper priced items there, so the accessories store is not so crowded? if that is the case, and i hope it is as it would make much more sense, it would mean that the special items will not be going away anytime soon.
  3. Oh how I wish there were MJ Collection and M by MJ stores in the DC area. :sad:
  4. me too since im going to DC soon :sad:

    well ill have to wait till i go to NYC and hopefully they will have Craplods of new stuff and all in stock haha i can only hope

    im getting some M J items that my friend bought for me

    the key necklace the silver, gold mirrors, the jacobs tote, the dinosaur tote..

    i LOVE the special items!!
  5. i really want there to be more "special items".

    but i wonder if he comes out w/ them every season...
    his brand and items won't be "special" anymore.

    ya know
  6. mj has been coming out with these "special items" for, at least, 3 or 4 years now. definately more now, but they are just little trinkets and whatnot. i think they are mostly to get money into the stores by selling things that the general public will buy at a good price point. i think we can plan on continuing to see special items at the boutiques. i think they are a great idea and tons of the things are super cute!
  7. i don't think the special items will result in the dilution of the brand. if anything, i think it's perfect marketing. the bleecker street store is constantly packed during all hours and seven days a week. the cheap items get people into the store, and a lot of them are tourists, so they end up buying A LOT. plus the handbags and shoes are being sold side by side with these items. people see them while picking up the lipstick pens and the bracelets then they end up buying the $450 handbag and the $300 shoes too.

    plus, ralph lauren and calvin klein have both licensed their names to a myriad of things. it hasn't compromised the integrity of their collection lines and they're two of the most widely recognized and wealthiest designers in the world. i'm sure marc jacobs wouldn't having success similar to theirs.
  8. i think its great!

    i can afford a brand i like withouth over doing it!

    im a bigger fan of his special items, his pan am bags, totes, and clothes(none yet?) shoes (one pair of boots, one pair of rainboots)

    than his handbags
  9. I want to get a few of the cute items (like bandaid keychain, etc) to give away as favors at a party...the problem is, there's no MbMJ store near me. Do any of you know, if I were to do a charge-send, do you think I could purchase like 25 of a certain item (assuming they have that many in stock), or is there a limit as to how many of an item that a single customer can buy?
  10. i don't think they care how many of a certain item you buy. i stopped by yesterday and picked up the key necklace (which i've already gotten compliments on :tup:) and saw that they had tons and tons of the bandaids and other little items.
  11. Bleh, this might be the dumbest question in the world, but I'm new and I've never ordered from a boutique via phone in my life before ... but well, I'm from the midwest and I've been checking up on Marc Jacobs special items and was wondering if any of the boutiques do phone orders? Or is that just a typical thing for boutiques ...

    And also, on the website, it says that the Marc Jacob's blue tote bag that has "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs" written on it can be found at the Marc Jacobs stores, but I've noticed that all the other special items are sold at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores. If I call one of the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, do you think they'll have the blue canvas tote in stock as well? Like, between the two stores, do they sometimes both sell the special items?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure if I can call the boutiques and if I can, which one to call, the Marc Jacobs ones or the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones ... bleh, sorry if these are dumb questions!

    But thanks for the help
  12. Does anyone know if they are available in the UK? TIA:smile:
  13. you will be able to place an order over the phone at any mbmj store, but they will have to send you an authorization form first where you'll have to provide them with your shipping and payment information before they can send out your items. shipping will be a flat rate of $20, so you should order everything you want all at once.

    the jacobs by marc jacobs totes are available at the mbmj boutiques in navy blue and black depending on what they're stock is, they should have both. i am most familiar with the nyc store, and all the canvas bags are available there as are most of the special items on the website.
  14. they should be. on the website, there are some t-shirts, canvas bags, and galoshes that are exclusive to the london store.
  15. Ooh thanks - going to London for the weekend so will have a look!;)