Are the Manolo Blahnik Sederaby

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  1. Still available at retail?

    I am interested in the Silver or Camo?

    Any info would be appreciated!!!!!!

    Not interested in buying on Ebay.
  2. I've recently seen the silver ones at Neimans. I've never seen the Camo in person but I know they're really cute!
  3. Really????? I didnt even know they were still available!! Do you know the retail? LMK!

    Thanks for the quick response!
  4. No problem! I can't remember exactly how much they were. In the $600-$700 range.

    Hope you can find them!
  5. I am going to check it out this week! Thanks again girl! :smile:
  6. I got my Camo ones from Neiman Marcus here in Las Vegas, that was back in November the day before Thanksgiving and they were $645.00 retail...the SA told me that it was their second shipment of them in...they do run true to size if you do decide to purchase them...their great shoes, you will be very happy with them...they are so much more beautiful in person!:yes:

    I'm am also looking for some silver ones but the only ones i have been able to find is a few overpriced ones on eBay, and like you, I would rather not buy off there because of them being overpriced..
  7. Bag I actually think I would prefer the camo!! I hope I can find them! They are sooo cute! :smile: Good luck in your search!
  8. Selena-Call RUBY at NM in Las Vegas..she can find you them!
  9. Thanks Jill will do tommorow! :smile:
  10. Saks in Bala Cynwyd has the silver leather and black silk. I just got the silver and they were 645. I haven't seen them at NM -- the SA at KOP said they didn't get them this season.
  11. Those are the hottest shoes!!
  12. I LOVE those shoes. Never thought camo could be so chic.
  13. i bought mine from barneys in new york. the sedaraby was shipped out earlier this fall, so it might be hard to find a particular shoe size. according to the barneys beverly hills SA i spoke to, all the size 36-37 were sold out.
    good luck!
  14. I've seen the camo ones at Cusp in Tyson's Corner. Cusp is the new Barney's Co-Op-like boutique from Neiman Marcus.
  15. I recently got mine from Barney's (NY). Remember they tend to run a little big. I had to go down 1/2 size.