Are the machines accurate at the gym?

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  1. So usually I do an hr at the gym on the treadmill and by the time I'm done with itm it usually shows anywhere btwn a 650-720 calorie loss. Before I start my workout I have to enter in my weight for accurate calorie loss..... I was just accurate are these machines?
  2. Because we all have different metabolisms, I was wondering that too.
  3. no- I've read that they are about (or up to, I can't remember) 20% off.
  4. I think you have to monitor the heart too and see if you are in the right range for fat burning. I figure that the machines are inaccurate and so are the calorie counts for food you eat. So everything is really just a wag.
  5. It is an estimate.
  6. From being on this forum, I have heard that the machines are not very accurate. Consensus seems to be if you want accuracy, then you need to buy your own heart monitor.
  7. I definitely question their accuracy, as the eliptical tells me I have a higher calorie burn than does the treadmill, yet I work harder on the treadmill. I use them as a guide, but don't rely on them for accurate information.

  8. Domlee - does it help to put your weight into the cardio machine for a more "precise" estimate? (if that makes sense?)

    For example I am about 124lbs and that means if I was doing the same amount and rate of exercise as someone who is 175lbs - I would burn less calories than them - is that correct?
  9. ^^ Yes, it is my understanding that you would burn less.
  10. ^ Thank you!

    I guess that is why some people go walking in weighted vests.

    (I also do lunges up the stairs when carrying groceries - lol)